Anzer Pex



Here you can learn the basics of Anzer Pex and some of its features and conventions.


The name Anzer Pex means "solution to expressing thought" in its own lexicon. When written, it is actually "a'nze'rpex" but in English we'll write it "Anzer Pex."


Anzer Pex is kinda like the sequel to Danga, but it is meant to be the first language ever (which would mean God speaks Anzer Pex and all humans spoke Anzer Pex even before Hebrew and all that Tower of Babel stuff). Of course, this isn't true, and I can't change history, so Anzer Pex comes with it's own alternate history.


Remeber that the whole point of Anzer Pex is that it is the "solution to expressing thought" and thus will be well equipped for getting the message across clearly. Anzer Pex should be complex enough to communicate detailed, complicated ideas in subjects like science, anatomy and math. I doubt I could ever come up with with words for all the special terms, so mostly the Latin and English terms would be used in those situations. However, provided I can expand the lexicon enough, Anzer Pex should be able to hold translated works without losing much of the original's meaning. (I look forward to trying to translate simple manga or childrens' books into Anzer Pex!)


Anzer Pex is going to have a Greek-ish, Latin-ish ancient sound. As with Danga, I will be snatching things I like from languages I've dabbled in or studied, which include English, Latin, Greek, Japanese, German, Spanish, Russian, and a bunch of others I've looked over. While I'm mostly shooting for the Greek/Latin style, Anzer Pex is in no way supposed to imitate those languages in any functional way.

~Structure and Outlook~

Lookin' good so far. I anticipate much greater ease of creating words and grammar et cetera than I had with Danga. Anzer Pex doesn't have such strict rules. Also, Anzer Pex might be categorized as a priori in terms of vocabulary construction, but I prefer the term "pseudo-a priori". This just means that in making up words for Anzer Pex, I do not take from existing, real language words, but I make them up myself (the pseudo part just means I don't really use the categorization of chunks to make compound words... a better term might be "non-taxonomic a priori").

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